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Healthy Eating principles


Healthy eating principles are essential guidelines which help bring about general growth, maintenance, and development of the body. The basic principle of a balanced meal is to ensure that all the food requirements of the body are met in a regulated manner.  A healthy meal plan avoids excess consumption of refined sugars, and fats in general and saturated fat in particular. Read more...


Basics of nutrition


The basic objectives of a food plan are as follows:

  • Provides nourishment for normal activity and growth

  • Helps attain and maintain normal weight

  • Is easily available and low cost

  • Provides satisfaction

  • Supplies a balanced daily requirement of:

  • Calories

  • Carbohydrates, Protein & Fat

  • Vitamins & Minerals

  • Roughage

  • Water



Healthy food pyaramid


The Food Pyramid shows us how to plan a well-balanced meal. The base of the picture shows that at least 30 minutes of exercise per day is most important.  Read more...


Plate Model for Healthy Eating


A plate format is a simple way to learn about healthy eating and to plan a balanced diet. The plate model teaches us how much space on a plate each food should occupy. It is easy to achieve a balanced meal if one can understand how much and what to eat. Anyone can use the plate format. Read more...


Dining out


Eating healthy, either at the restaurant or take-out - is no small task, but it is possible!


Restaurant eating can be a challenge, if you are on a meal plan. You need willpower and perseverance. It's tough enough to be able to eat healthy in your own house. But even more challenges confront you when you pick and choose from a menu, and you do not know what and how the food you ordered will be cooked. Read more...



Planned physical activity performed on a regular basis to improve Cardio - respiratory endurance, Muscular fitness, Muscular flexibility, or all three. Read more...

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